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To transition from diapers to underwear, nothing better than our Trainers.

Size 2T and fits children 2 and 3 years old.

Our trainers are gently made piece by piece by mother and daughter, passionate about sustainability. This trainer was made by Elda, you can learn more about her story on ABOUT US section

The front part of the trainer is padded with 3 layers of organic cotton for better absorbency. The thread used in the manufacturing is also GOTS Organic Cotton, and has not been treated in any way.  It is spun from organic cotton that has had nothing done to it other than simple washing. 

-GOTS Organic Cotton

-Thoughtful prints.

-Organic threads.

-No label tag in the back.

-Made with love by my mother and daughter.

-For each purchase we make a donation to help children in extreme poverty in Venezuela

Each time you buy GOTS Organic Cotton you are supporting fair trade, respecting the cycles of the earth and contributing to the disuse of  fertilizers and herbicides that pollutes the water and land of the communities where it is grown. 

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