Collection: Home Experience

We mamas are busy and here at M U K U P A T I  we understand that. It is why we want to give you the opportunity to touch and feel our product, free of cost, at your own pace.

This is how 'Home Experience" works:

    1. You contact us at saying: "I want to try the Home Experience"

    2. We will send you (at no cost for you) a box with our available pieces in the size that you request. 

    3. You have 5 full days with the product to review it comfortably at home.

    4. You pick what you want...or not.

    5. You contact us with your final order or we coordinate pick up of the box 

    6. You feel good knowing that you are buying a high quality piece from a local small business that is transparent, ethical and socially involved in its community. 

We are also offering free same day local delivery in San Francisco.

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