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Organic Pajamas Tigers

Organic Pajamas Tigers

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Mukupati organic cotton pajamas are designed with your children in mind. From the whimsical, original prints to the quality and sustainability of the material, our pajamas will be your new favorite!

Mukupati pajamas are thoughtfully designed and manufactured with attention to detail and care for both your children and the environment. (95% Organic cotton milled in the USA, 5% Elastane)

Why Mukupati's Pajamas Are the Sustainable Style:

 GOTS Organic Cotton: Our pajamas are expertly crafted from 95% organic cotton, sourced and milled right here in the USA. Bid farewell to synthetic fabrics and embrace the pure, organic comfort that your family deserves.

 Safe, Non-Toxic Prints: With OEKO-TEX standard prints, we ensure that our designs are free from harmful dyes, guaranteeing your family's safety and providing the coziest bedtime experience.

 Ultimate Comfort: Mukupati pajamas are designed with sensitive skin in mind. Featuring flat-lock seams and tag-less labels, our PJs offer unparalleled comfort, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep.

 Handmade with Love: Our artisans in San Francisco passionately handcraft each piece, infusing love and care into every stitch. Your purchase supports not only your family but also local women and ethical manufacturing practices.

🌍 Make a Difference: When you choose GOTS Organic Cotton, you're advocating for fair trade, environmental preservation, and the discontinuation of harmful pesticides and herbicides. Your purchase has a far-reaching positive impact.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Small Batch: A Sustainable Choice: Join us in taking a stand against fast fashion and overproduction. Ordering with Mukupati means you're actively reducing the fashion industry's impact on our planet. Your choice is a powerful step towards sustainability.

💚 Support Local, Support Ethical: When you preorder from Mukupati, you're not just acquiring beautiful pajamas; you're supporting a local, ethical business deeply committed to sustainability.

This holiday season, let's transform your family's moments into sustainable magic, wrapped in cozy, eco-friendly comfort. Choose Mukupati's Organic PJs for a greener, brighter future. Order now and be a part of the Mukupati Magic! 🌟🌲🌟

🚚 Free Local Shipping: Order four or more sets and enjoy free local shipping, because the holidays are all about giving (and saving)!

Mukupati pajamas are thoughtfully designed and handmade, by women, with attention to detail and care for both your children and the environment. We are committed to sustainability and best practices to create a product that nurtures your child, the planet, and the communities involved in its production. (95% Organic Cotton milled in the USA, 5% Elastane)

A few reasons to love Mukupati pajamas:

  • GOTS American milled organic cotton and cotton threads (no polyester!)
  • OEKO-TEX standard prints, which means no toxic dyes in our designs
  • Flat-lock seams and tag-less for sensitive skin and superior comfort
  • Made with love in San Francisco.
  • For each purchase, we donate to help children in extreme poverty in Venezuela

Every time you buy GOTS Organic Cotton you are supporting fair trade, respecting the Earth’s cycles, and contributing to the discontinuance of fertilizers and herbicides that pollute the water and land in the communities it is grown in. Your purchase can make a difference.

"For child's safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant. Loose-fitting garment is more likely to catch fire." 


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