Child in the playground after successfully being potty trained

After Potty Training? They are still living and growing!

Hey there, mommas, dadas, grannies, and loving people!  

Let's dive into the world of potty training – because I've been there and done that, and I'm here to share my journey with you. First, congratulations to all of you who have successfully potty-trained your little ones! It's a major milestone, and you deserve all the applause.

But once your kiddo is out of diapers and using the toilet, it doesn't mean the messes magically disappear. Nope, they'll still spill their milk, make messes, and, yes, have potty accidents. Yeah, they are still living and growing. That's totally okay!

Let me share a little personal story with you. My youngest was potty trained at 22 months – I was thrilled to bid adieu to the diapers; he was actually the inspiration behind creating our organic potty-training underwear, but that's a tale for another day. Then, when he started Kindergarten, things took a turn. He began holding his bowel movements, and our whole routine got shaken up.

I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. I questioned everything—did I miss something? What did I do wrong? I dove back into every potty training book and resource I had. Then, I stumbled upon a quote that changed everything:

Potty training. A boy controlling his body

And just like that, it all clicked. My little guy was feeling overwhelmed and out of control amidst everything in his life – busy parents, a teenage brother, a new school with a strict teacher, and mommy traveling with Mukupati. It was a lot for him to handle.

Kids playing after successfully being potty trained

Then, slowly but surely, he started to relax and regain his confidence. It took a holistic approach, addressing all the factors impacting him, and it worked wonders. Sure, there were setbacks and accidents along the way, but we never lost sight of his progress.

So, mama, if you're knee-deep in potty training or facing other parenting challenges, remember – you've got this. Trust your instincts, make space for your little one, and above all, show them love and understanding. In this case, it wasn't just about potty training – it was about supporting my son through a challenging time.



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