Avoid this Common Mistake during Potty Training

Avoid this Common Mistake during Potty Training

Once your child can anticipate the need to pee and poop and successfully do it in the toilet, it's time to remove the diapers for good. Avoid the mistake of bringing them back, as it can lead to confusion and regression during potty training.

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Both you and your child will need some time to adjust to this new routine. Always be prepared, and if your child says, "I need to pee," you have 7 seconds to bring the potty or rush to the toilet. Make it easy by avoiding complicated clothing during this period. Choose elastic pants that can be quickly pulled down.

Wherever you go, make it a habit to check where the closest bathroom is in case you need to rush. Before leaving the house, both you and your child should potty together. At the playground, potty together. Before leaving the playground, make another potty stop. Establish a routine of pottying together before leaving to avoid accidents in the car.

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Always have a portable potty with you: in the car, take it to the park, and keep it close to you so your child can successfully pee or poop in the potty. Carry wipes, plastic bags, and extra clothes, and potty training underwear for accidents. You may need extra clothes until your child goes to kindergarten.

Most importantly, be close to your child, be present, and model the behavior you want to see. Just like eating together, potty training is something they learn by watching you. This is the first and most crucial step. Get rid of diapers as soon as possible!

A pile of diapers versus a dozen of clothdiapers or potty training underwear.

Remember, every child is unique, and the timeline for potty training may vary. Be patient, supportive, and consistent with your approach. Celebrate your child's progress and provide encouragement throughout the journey. With your guidance and understanding, your child will master potty training and gain confidence in this important milestone.

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