Caring for Your Mukupati Items

Caring for Your Mukupati Items

When it comes to all of our different lifestyles, there is one thing we can agree on for sure... The laundry never ends! I mean, are these kids wearing 5 outfits a day?! And some of their clothing we hang dry, some we hand wash, or we don't and say we did...


Thankfully, your Mukupati items are easy to wash and take the guesswork out of the laundry while maintaining high quality. This applies to our organic potty training, pajamas, hemp pants, and beyond!


Summer Hemp pants

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Easy Terry Pants

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Here are some easy tips to take care of our excellent product:

  1. Our fabric has been pre-washed, which means that it is shrink-free (yay!)

  2. Wash it with similar colors in cold water.

  3. You can just dry with your regular load.

  4. That's it!


When it comes to the laundry, Mukupati takes the stress out of the task. If you have any questions about Mukupati care, please feel free to send us an email; we are here to help.


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