Organic Colored Cotton from Peru

Organic Colored Cotton from Peru


I remember my joy in receiving the first fabric samples I ordered from Peru around three years ago. I was so in love with the luxurious softness of the fabric, the simplicity and pure color, and most of all, with the story behind this fabric. 

"Before they were bred in predominantly creamy white strains centuries ago, cotton plants were well known for producing an array of colors.  But following the advent of the cotton gin and inexpensive industrial dyes, white cotton reigned supreme.  Colored plants were marginalized, surviving only in seed banks kept by some agricultural departments here and there around the world and in small, traditional communities in a handful of places, including Mexico, Guatemala and Peru.  These pigmented cottons have undergone a revival recently, and many people are now familiar with them and with organically grown white cotton.  But few people know the story of cotton in its resplendent tones began some 5,000 years ago in the Andes.   Virtually all the colored cotton plants we in the West use commercially and interbreed today come from pre-Colombian stocks created by the indigenous peoples of South America."    

(Scientific American Apr99, Vol. 280 Issue 4, p112 )
Dr. James M. Vreeland, Jr.

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The company that produces our GOTS Organic Pima cotton states: "It is part of our commitment to educate consumers; so they can understand and practice the philosophy that represents working with organic cotton. This goes beyond fashion; it means global welfare by improving the living conditions of each person involved in this process, respect for the environment, and fair trade." I remember thinking: "I want to make clothing using this beautiful cotton" and it has turned into so much more.   

Not only are we using this beautiful, natural-colored cotton in our crawling pants for babies and our boxer briefs for boys and girls, we have also taken on the philosophy that represents the cotton itself. We are committed to making the world a better place by reducing waste, reducing plastic usage, giving back to the communities that need it most, supporting organic farmers, and so much more.

To feel this organic natural-colored cotton is to fall in love with it. From the beautiful earthy tones to the luxurious softness, this cotton is making a difference not only in our world, but also for your little ones. Take a look at our GOTS Organic Pima Cotton items with the photo links above and see why everyone is falling in love.

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