Collection: Underwear boys

Mukupati organic cotton underwear is designed with your children in mind. From the whimsical, original prints to the quality and sustainability of the material, our underwear will have your little one running and playing all day comfortably.

Mukupati underwear is thoughtfully designed and handmade, by women, with attention to detail and care for both your children and the environment. We are committed to sustainability and best practices to create a product that nurtures your child, the planet, and the communities involved in its production. 

Here are a few reasons to love Mukupati underwear:

  • GOTS American milled organic cotton and 100% cotton threads (no polyester!)
  • OEKO-TEX standard prints, which means no toxic dyes in our designs
  • Pre-washed fabric, which means shrink-free!
  • Each item is handmade with love in a small family-run factory committed to zero waste 
  • For each purchase, we donate to help children in extreme poverty in Venezuela

Each time you buy GOTS Organic Cotton, you support fair trade, respect the Earth’s cycles, and discontinue fertilizers and herbicides that pollute the water and land in the communities it is grown in. Your purchase will make a difference.