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Dinosaur World Organic Cotton Pajamas

Dinosaur World Organic Cotton Pajamas

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Our enchanting "Dinosaur World" Organic Cotton Pajamas, designed to ignite your child's imagination and nurture their peaceful sleep.

Made from 95% organic cotton sourced and milled in the USA and 5% Elastane, these pajamas offer unparalleled comfort and breathability, ensuring a safe and good night sleep.

But what sets our pajamas apart is not just their softness and comfort; it's the attention to detail and commitment to sustainability that goes into every stitch. Our prints are hand draw by an artist and printed OEKO-TEX standard in the USA, ensuring they're free from harmful dyes and toxins, making them safe for your child's delicate skin.

Designed with flat-lock seams and tag-less labels, Mukupati pajamas prioritize comfort and ease, allowing your child to sleep peacefully without irritations or discomfort for seam sensitive kids. Handmade with love in San Francisco supporting local women and ethical manufacturing practices.

By choosing GOTS Organic Cotton, you're not just investing in quality sleepwear; you're advocating for fair trade and environmental preservation. Mukupati pajamas are eco-friendly, made in small batches to reduce our carbon footprint and combat fast fashion's harmful impact on our planet.

Support local, support ethical—choose Mukupati pajamas for your child's bedtime routine. Let their imagination roam free in our "Dinosaur World" print while you rest easy knowing you've made a sustainable choice for your family and the environment. Order now and experience the beauty of organic sleepwear firsthand! 🦕🌿🌙

"For child's safety, garment should fit snugly. This garment is not flame resistant. Loose-fitting garment is more likely to catch fire." 



GOTS Certificate Number: 807052/01481995

  1. Made with GOTS Organic cotton( 95% GOTS Organic Cotton and 5% Elastane) for excellent recovery and comfort. 
  2. Sourced from GOTS Organic cotton cultivated in India, our fabric is subsequently carefully milled in the USA, adhering strictly to the highest standards of quality and sustainability. At a family-owned facility in the USA, our fabric is printed using OEKO-TEX Standard dyes, ensuring both safety and vibrancy. This unwavering commitment to locally sourcing sustainable materials underscores our dedication to reducing our environmental footprint and supporting local economies.
  3. Crafted with 100% cotton threads, we prioritize your child's delicate skin by ensuring no polyester is used in the manufacturing process, minimizing any potential irritation. Additionally, all seams are meticulously made flat, ensuring even the most seams-sensitive child stays happy and comfortable throughout the day.
  4. Our thoughtful prints promote conversation about the environment, diversity, and inclusivity. 
  5. We are committed to sustainability at every step, including our packaging. All our packaging is either plastic-free or crafted from recyclable materials, minimizing our environmental footprint while keeping our little one's future bright.


Crafted with a touch of generosity in sizing, our organic clothing ensures a comfortable fit that lasts longer, allowing your child to transition seamlessly to the next size.

The Mukupati's clothing offers versatility and longevity, making them an ideal choice for your growing child.

Care Instructions

In our pursuit of the ideal non-toxic organic cotton children's clothing, we've meticulously curated the finest fabric, prioritizing durability and sustainability. Our fabric is subjected to rigorous testing, including extensive washing and drying, to guarantee peak performance.

  1. Pre-Washed Fabric: Our fabric is pre-washed, ensuring it remains shrink-free, so no worries about size alterations. Hooray for hassle-free care!
  2. Cold Water Wash: Keep it simple by washing with similar colors in cold water. This gentle washing method not only preserves the vibrant colors and fabric integrity, but also helps you to reduce energy.
  3. Regular Load Drying: Toss in with your regular laundry load for effortless drying. Use tumble dry on low heat.

And that's all there is to it! With these straightforward care instructions, you can keep your Mukupati's clothing looking and feeling fantastic for countless wears to come.

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